Healthy eating starts with fruits

Fruits na very good food for body, make we nor dey chop only eba, rice, yam, starch full body dey forget fruits, apart from the sweet mouth wen dem bi, dem dey add alot of goodness for body.
Plenty people na only fruits drink dem dey take cus dem feel say with dat one dem take fruit too for body but na lie cus fresh fruit goodness pass drink own as no preservatives or added sugar join am.
you fit buy fruit of different type blend dem together put for fringe make e cool and drink, you go see say your body go dey fresh and the work wen e suppose do for body na 100%.

Spice you food and life with fruits cus wetin fruits dey give akpu nor fit replace am, companies wen dey produce fruit drinks know say fruits na wetin everybody need but the truth bi say the fruit inside fruit drink na the fruit flavour, scent dey inside.

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