Online Man Don Kill Mother Of 3 Pikins

Ingrid Lyne wen bi mother of three children for washington and nurse for seatle medical clinic for seatle leave her house since on friday and nor cum back again, dem first say she dey miss later dem cum find her body wen dem don pieces for inside Recycle Bin for dirty, now police don arrest the man wen the body dey inside he bin.

Her friend say she know say something don happen to her because she nor go school to pick her children from school dat day and nor be her way at all, her ex-husband dey confuse cus he nor understand wetin happen so. All trace now lead to one man wen she meet for internet, and since she go see this man wen she nor know b4 na e dem nor see her again, make we dey careful of people wen we meet online cus this people fit get personal problem, Ritualist or even be killer.

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