Jay-z moves from Beyonce

Jay-z wen bi Beyonce a.k.a queen Bey husband don pack leave house wen dem two dey stay together as husband and wife.
aproko pipo say dem dor dey get small small issues for their marriage for some time na but the couple dey code am from pipo so dat pipo no go know, but for how long u fit hide pregnancy?
Remember about 2yrs ago wen Beyonce sister Solange fight her sister husband Jay-z for inside elevator wen camera catch, na e bi say nor bi today their problem start.
About 7yrs ago news carry am say Jay-z get pikin for outside marriage with anoda woman and the pukin na boy,wen dem still dey hide as Jay-z dey pay the woman and the take care of the boy need but Jay-z mum nor dey ok with dat kind life, cus he say he own papa nor take care of him wen he dey grow and he nor go fit do dat kind thing to he own son too. Beyonce nor happy about the matter and she nor want make Jay-z get anything to do with the boy, as Jay-z tell her say if she want the marriage she must born pikin for am cus b4 Beyonce say she nor wan born cus she dey fear the process and she nor wan loose her shape but dem do magomago born Blue Ivy wen dem dey claim say na Beyonce born the pikin by herself.
Na dis year make am 8yrs wen the couple don dey together but dem nor talk anything about their wedding anniversary, only dat one you go know say the palace dey on fire.
Make we sit-down look and see how their own story go reach.

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