Wiz Khalifa Celebrats 4/20 day

Wiz Khalifa Love for weed  na something wen everybody know as he get he own canabis label wen bi Khalifa Kush, after since he mum don come out on interview to say she nor go fit blame her son for be addict to marijuana because na she influence the Rapper with weed.
As a single mother she dey smoke with her friends for the apartment wen she dey live with her son Cameron Jibril Thomaz a.k.a Wiz Khalifa and as a smart kid wen like to know everything dey cum peep her and her friends and gradually she cum dey give am small small until the Khalifa cum turn pro for the matter and now no day dey pass Wiz bye without Marijuana.
April 20 na annual celebration day for those who love weed and dem go cum together to light up and mingle socially, alot of countries dey honor this day and Wiz Khalifa too don show the world he love for weed by posting picture of himself with bunch of weed.

This pictures na of Wiz and he Mum to show how close dem bi as family, sometime ago critics complain why he go still dey kiss he mum for mouth but that one nor stop the mother and son.

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