10 Tips to Look and Feel Younger

     Nothing for beta for life pass if to say person nor dey grow old but as e don be so, the life we don cum we don cum, our own na to dey cope well with ourselves as time sef dey count see somethings wen we fit do to help our life.
1. Have a Good Sleep-: Wen we sleep wake up e get as we dey feel, your own body go tell you, Na wetin any drug nor fit give you sleep dey give for body, So if you sleep well your brain go relax and even your body tissues go dey well but if u nor get like 7-8hrs sleep your body nor fit relax and e go dey show say your body dey look one kind, your body nor go fresh as e suppose and go contribute to ageing quick.

2. Change Your Wardrobe-: Oyibo man talk for he language say “Outdated fashions out-dates you”. As day dey count moths dey count an na so yrs too dey count, the cloth wen u fit do anything just to buy am today na cloth wen u nor go even look were dem hang am next 10yrs. Change your clothes as time dey count, clothes wen go make you look old maybe because u don reduce make you avoid am.
Buy clothes wen make you look smart and bright, Most times nor be say person don too old but na how the person look dey make pipo see am as old.

3. Add Honey to Your Diet-: Natural Ingredient dey very good for body and Honey na one of  dem, Honey dey make face fresh as e dey help the skin to absorb moisture for body and you go look younger.
4. Drink Green Tea-: Green Tea na something wen dey very good for body as e go free the body system and go make your body feel very bright inside; Green tea dey provide powerful dose of protective antioxidants wen dey keep wrinkles far from your skin and make you look young.

5. Update Your Shoes-:Dull, worn and out-of-date shoes reflect desame on your appearance. Make sure sey you dey Keep your shoes updated with the current trends and maintain them to look shiny and new; Cus wen pipo see u dem see you reach ground, so wen dem see you with old shoes of 90’s e dey send the signal say dis person na old skool and dem go see you as old person.

6. Apply Lipgloss -: Lipgloss dey make lip shine and make the face radiant, Lipsticks dey make person to look old and matured na e make Lipgloss dey the best option to look younger.

7. Change Your Hair Style-: Never resolve to dey do one particular hair style, always dey make your hair and change the style, keep your hair shinning, some Ladies look old not because of anything but their hair do, they feel say dem don big pass some style but nothing dey wrong and make hair wen young girls dey make, carry short hair as e go help to bring your face out.

8. Don’t Bleach Your Skin-: Wen bleaching cream don enter skin with time the skin go lost e natural ingredient and the skin go die, alot of women dey regret why dem bleach because their skin look like monster as a result of the cream wen dem dor use over the years.

9. Apply Makeup-:Makeup dey make face cum alife, too much makeup dey make face look old, so light makeup dey make face  look younger and pleasant wen pipo look at you.

10. Always Put A Smile On-: Wen you frown face e go make the face old and with time e go permanently look like dat but wen you put on a smile u go see say the face go dey look pleasant and young everytime, Asmile dey do plenty things for face and without smile plenty things dey go wrong too.

Plenty things dey wen  Ladies fit do to make dem look younger, the key word na “Keep you Body Nicely’.

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