Poudly Nigerian Syndrome #Part 1.

Nigerians we too correct to the extent sey no other country for the world fit impersonate us, If U nor be Naija U nor be; We dey sabi repet’e, dat one na number 1 syndrome wen we get for body and we dey make sense from the Nonesense.

The way we dey talk na our own Unique way be dat, check out things like this, Wellwell, Dudu, Howfarhowfar,  Magomago, CryCry, FolloFollo, Papa, YamaYama, PuffPuff, ChinChin, Kulikuli, WakaWaka, Bobo, Moimoi, Jedijedi, Mama, Sharpsharp, Yoriyori, Sokisoki, Sabisabi, Olofofo, Gbomogbomo,Toritori, Mumu, Truetrue, Lielie Borrowborrow, Lailai, Knowknow, Fearfear, Touchtouch, Smallsmall, Talktalk, Ghenghen, Holyholy, Diedie, Lukuluku, Jigijigi, Jagajaga, Kiakia, Mazamaza, Sisi, Kpokpo, Scatterscatter, Potopoto, Kabukabu, Sofasofa, looklook, Wuruwuru, Palapala, Worryworry, Fufu, Nownow, CopyCopy… byebye

Na Naija!!!

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Timeless Da Empress

I am a comic creative box kindly be part of my small world.

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