Gordons Na Debtor- Mallam Yankee


   Mallam Yankee, who bi chairman of The Bank Club, Abuja,talk to Daily Post and dey accused Gordons wen bi Comedian sey he owe am the sum of 400,000 Naira wen He Mallam Yankee pay to am to cum do show but Gordons collect money and he nor show face for the event wen he don collect money for.
Mallam Yankee now dey Para as he claimed sey Gordons dey always do dat thing and nor bi only him Gordons don do like dat, sey Gordons go collect money finish and you nor go see am for the event, Mallam Yankee even sey He dey arrogant and can brag wen he nor get anything for pocket, sey na dat nature make Gordons dey poor and redundant as the attitude nor make am get endorsement deal.
He don threatened to drag the comedian go police, if he nor refund he 400,000 Naira back.
Na only Mallam Yankee claims we don hear but He dey say the comedian still owe other people who never talk out publicly.
Mallam Yankee sey “He does not know how to talk to people, tell me where he can go with this attitude, money he does not have, his career is not growing, after collecting your money, he will start giving you attitude and forming big boy. He is so arrogant and unremorseful, that’s why there is no endorsement deal for him till date, and upcoming ones are getting the deals.


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