Laura Ikeji na popular blogger Linda Ikeji younger sister wen nor get any talent or work wen dem know her for than sey she bi Linda sister but she dey brag sey men dey die for matter bi cus dem know wetin dem fit get from her.
Now we never know wetin men fit get from her than sex, bi cus she bi Linda sister, she never talk dat part out cus we know sey she nor get moni to give men. In her words see as she put am:  “I don’t care if people call me Linda’s sister. The most important thing is I capitalised on my sister’s success. A lot of people don’t. Instead of doing regular jobs, begging for money or doing runs and I capitalised on my sister’s success and it’s working.”
Anoda thing wen she dey get free na attention wen she dey get fom men, for her words see wetin she talk;  “A lot of men give me attention because i’m Linda’s sister and they know what they can get from dating me.” Rumour dey sey Laura dey enjoy romantic affair with ex-footballer and Kanu Nwankwo younger brother who bi Ogbonna Nwankwo.
Ogbonna Nwankwo de work very close with him brother Kanu Nwakwo and he don get two children from he previous relationships but dem sey Ogbonna like Laura and their relationship dey catch fire.


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