Calvin Harris And Rihanna Do am Again!

           Hello, Calvin Harris  and Rihanna fans wen dey out there! The music producer carry go him twitter account sey he don do new song with bad girl RIRI and the song name na “This Is What You Came For”.
Calvin Harris na Singer Taylor Swift boyfriend, the producer don tell fans sey he go share details of the new song today;
Even Taylor Swift don show her support for the collabor between her Boo and Rihanna for her instagram page wen she post the cover art of the song she cum write under “OMG”.

The track don dey wait for April 29 for dem to release am out, E go bi days after then, Drake go release he album wen dem dey talk about since.

Rihanna and Calvin Harris do their first collabor “We Found Love” back then for 2011 wen the song turn out to be dance hit wen dey  RIRI sixth album Talk That Talk.
E nor get how dat song go easily leave anybody brain bi cus e scatter everywhere and this one “This Is What You Came For ” fit still become hit too.

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