One Woman Dey Claim Whitney Houston Daughter

Whitney Houston ex-sister-in-law, Leolah Brown Na Bobby Brown sister, she dey talk na sey one woman don show face sey she bi Whitney Houston daughter wen she born wen she bi age 16 but she cum give the pikin up so dat other pipo go fit abduct am take as their pikin.

She dey also call Bobbi Christina Boyfriend Nick Gordon sey na monster who kill her niece see as she talk am “Nick Gordon is a monster. He is a monster. If he can do that to Krissie, somebody that did nothing but love him? He is evil,” Na so she talk am.
And about the woman wen just show face e bi like sey she go welcome dat strange woman, see wetin she talk “Yes, there is a woman out there who claims she is Whitney Houston’s daughter,” Na so Leolah Brown tell IE. “I am going to try and help her as much as I can because if this is true, I want to help her.”

But wen dem ask Nick Gordon who be Kristen Boyfriend b4 she die, see wetin the young man talk about Bobby Brown who be Kristen Papa, he sey “He hurt his own daughter, not me. I was the one there for her while she was going through everything, dealing with him not being there. I was trying to be there for her,” Naso Gordon talk, so right now we nor know who dey talk truth bi cus dem sey e clear sey na person kill Kristen but the question now Na who?

Because dem sey dem commot her two teeth from her mouth and na sink dem sin her inside the bathtub.

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