Singer Essence Nor Wan Bi Pastor Wife

Uwale Okoro a.k.a Essence just act one film wen dem call Kumbaya early this year after the singer wen dey Kenny’s Muszik for years nor sing again since singing nor pay her, she stop to sing, the song wen make dem hear her name small na the song wen she do with Jaywon wen dem call “Facebook Love” if you fit remember dat song;  Now she wan try Acting if her luck go shine for there since na even Theater Arts she go university go learn, see wetin she talk about her experience with the crew pipo wen act the film together;

“It is fun. I met a lot of fun people on set. All crew members had different names I gave them. I gave one of the directors Father Christmas because he has white beard. I gave another person Uncle Mic, because he was always asking for his mic. I gave another Omoga because he is tall. It was fun all through.”

She sey “It is not challenging. I am good at taking in the lines. I have retentive memory. I put in for Theatre Arts for my first and second choice. So, it is inherent, it comes naturally to me. I also do my home work. When I was given the script, I did my home work. I know they were not there to see Essence but the character. I was able to fit into the character. I changed my mannerism, my comportment as well. When I was told I was to play the role of a lousy club singer, I was excited. I didn’t want to be the pastor’s wife, I like challenging characters”.

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