Zidane Dey Hope to Get Ronaldo and Benzema fit for City

Real Madrid go dey without Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema for Saturday trip to Real Sociedad for La Liga but coach Zinedine Zidane dey hope to get both of dem to face Manchester City next week.

Ronaldo don miss Madrid’s past two games, Both the 0-0 draw away to City for the first leg of their Champions League semi-final on Tuesday, while Benzema commot for the match and he club cum later confirm am sey he suffer from thigh injury just as Ronaldo.

Zidane agree sey nor bi wetin he fit risk the two players for the match against Real Sociedad but he sey both of dem go dey the semi-finals second legs against City for Santiago Bernabeu on wednesday;

He sey “The most important thing for now is that they recover. We can’t take risks with Cristiano or Karim, or anybody. The idea is that they come back as soon as possible,” Na so Zidane talk for one press conference on Friday ahead of Saturday’s game for San Sebastian.

“I can’t say how likely it is that they will play (against City). I hope both are back at 100 percent but I can’t say for certain.”

Ronaldo sit-down for last weekend’s 3-2 win at Rayo Vallecano with injury, but Zidane sey na different problem na e make Ronaldo nor play for Etihad Stadium.Meanwhile, Zidane sey Benzema nor go dey game “seven or eight days”, bi cus he want leave the frenchman well so that he fit recover for the City big match.

Madrid come into the weekend with one point behind Bacerlona and Atletico Madrid dey top of the table with three matches wen remain.

Zidane’s side don win their last nine league games, but he dey very careful of the trip to Anoeta, where Barcelona dor lost recently.

He talk sey “We know it will be a difficult match at a difficult venue, but as always we need to focus on ourselves”.

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