You Fit Do Like Justin Bieber? (Fotos)

Justin Bieber on saturday celebrate he Papa engagement with he papa longtime Babe Chelsey Rebelo for one private toronto art show wen Batman dey and Batmobile dey including Bengal Tiger wen Justin play with too.
The engagement party happen for one show wen dem dey call Nyotaimoro Celebrating Life Love And Art, this Nyataimoro meaning for Japanese na practice wen dem go dey serve one kind food wen dem dey call sushi from naked women body.

pipo wen attend the party na costumed superheroes, pipo like iron Man, Wonder Woman, former boxing heavy weight Lennox Lewis, and Canadian opera singer Meghan Lindsay who do wetin she say do for the party.

The Qestion na bi say you as the person wen you bi, u fit go your papa party wen she dey engage anoda woman like Justin Bieber? Because alot of pipo dey feel say he nor suppose dey with the papa wen the level involve anoda oshere.
Drop your comment if u fit do am or not and  why, bi cus alot of pipo dey para for Justin Bieber.

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