Ray J Is PISSED At Kanye West & Kim Kardashian ‘New’Reaction Over Ray J And Kim Sex Tape

Kim and Ray J sex life

As you’re probably aware, Kanye West did his best to steal the spotlight at MTV’sVMAs on Sunday when he delivered a speech right before dropping his new music video for Fade!

If you were paying attention, we’re sure you heard Yeezy talk about his Famousmusic video and name drop Amber Rose and even Ray J saying, “I mean, I put Ray J in there, bro!” LOLz!

Apparently Brandy’s lil bro isn’t happy about the shoutout during West’s speech because he feels the Gold Digger rapper is a hypocrite for mentioning and embracing his wife’s sex tape!

TMZ has learned that Ray thinks it’s ridiculous the 39-year-old is making light of Kim Kardashian West’s sex tape with her ex because You once called the One Wish singer “Brandy’s little sister” after J dropped I Hit it First — a reference to his prior relations with Kim!

Overall, the One Wish singer just feels Kim’s hubby is two-faced for blasting him and then seemingly being okay with everything when West is the one that reaps the benefits from the press!

But Ray J’s not ONLY upset with the Grammy winner as it’s also reported that the 35-year-old isn’t too pleased with Kim either since she also SLAMMED him after he released his track. That’s because the reality star, like her main man, made light of the sex tape by smiling and laughing when her rapper husband made the crack!

Obviously this didn’t go over too well with the silky smooth singer, but then again, there’s not a whole lot he can do against Kim and Kanye! LOLz!

They all really crazy and i hope our Nigerians wouldn’t copy such unacceptable celebrated life style cause we are Africans with cultural values in here.

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