Is Over Between Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill, Rapper 2 Sons Are Ok For Him (Photos)

Robert Rihmeek Williams professionally known as Meek Mill responded to Nicki Minaj’s breakup announcement with a parting shot at her fashion sense but later deleted the post.

The “Started From The Bottom” rapper took to his IG page and posted a white shoe and captioned it: 

“If you walk out don’t wear these they wack”.

The sneaker wedge is the same one Nicki wore in the music video for Ciara’s 2013 breakup anthem, “I’m Out.”
Meek Mill’s message is clear enough that is pointing to Nicki telling her if she is leaving him she needs to dress better.

Nicki and Meek are both random talkers and definitely more will be coming from their camp to shade more light on the present situation of their romance.

Nicki Minaj announced their breakup Yesterday, Thursday morning after rumors of them parting ways has been flying around for awhile now.

They’d been together for almost 2 years and Nicki desperately need a ring to settle down and becoming a mum.
But that is not forth coming from the rapper who already has 2 sons Murad Williams and Rihmeeek Williams from his Babymama, Fahimah Raheem who left the Rapper because she was getting same treatment with side chicks and groupies and couldn’t handle it anymore.
It seems that Meek need no more kids from any other woman including Nicki, as 2 sons are enough for a lifetime.

Meek Mill’s Babymama Fahimah Raheem

Meek Mill’s Babymama’s post

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