UuuOoo! Nicki Minaj And Rapper Young M.A Now Lovers!

Who could’ve thought of a woman ability to transform herself to a man with ease before Katorah Kasanova Marrero professionally called Young M.A and other countless Females whom has break that record with no surgeries and any body dis-formation.

The Uuuooo Rapper do has complete features like any other woman you know with no information you would completely take her for a Dude with no doubts in your heart and then the shock! when you hear “she is woman” ooh I’ve been there.

Enough of Young M.A bio-data lets zoom to the gist or aproko whatever thing you call it, Nicki Minaj who ended her most publicized romance with Rapper Meek Mills is said to have another cuddling-hands.

And this time she decided to swing the other way since the ‘Dude is a She’ who is nobody else than Brooklyn Finest and most Lyrically talented Rapper Young M.A which is alleged to be the reason she ended her relationship swiftly with Meek Mills.

Nicki Minaj sometime ago made comments that breed mix reactions from fans about Young M.A since she is known for dissing everyone she sense to be a threat to her Career.

Some connoted her comment as a diss to Young M.A but she corrected that notion and declare her support for the 24 year old Rapper and ever since they’ve come to be friends.

While rumor has it that Young M.A actually made the move on Nicki Minaj and their relationship has metamorphose into a romantic bond as Lovers.

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