Bobrisky New Photos Spark "Penis Removing Surgery" Rumour (Photos)

Bobrisky’s above photo he posted on his IG page announcing his US tour, with the caption “Let d countdown begins to my US tour yaaaay wanna go chill out a bit” is now the talk of town and the truth is not far off.
Bobrisky has been talking about his US tour for sometime now with no highlights on what the tour entails, if is to promote his bleaching products or just fun vacation and get some surgeries done, Since surgery is the order of this generation.

One visible thing on the above is “his flat Genital Part” that is now sparking rumor if the cross-dresser have also got his “stuff” remove for maximum fun of the escapades he’s involve with.

And this are some comments from fans:

snehhorla:– U look like masquerade!….
pharellaki:- Dick sucking tour

henryokuz:- No dick for there again o abi u don cut am 

pharellaking@iam_temmyposh:- that’s just wat I can say about that Faggot #

pharellaking:- Hoeing his ass around that’s wack

solacebae005 :-Oloshi o ni kuru na 

feyikemi007 Yeahhhhh Bob is a girl!!!💅💄👠👙👗👄 

illegal_goz:- Slowly turning into a woman, you’re now using weaves, soon you’ll have a butt implant.. Kudos, you’ve almost achieved your dreams.. 

pefulaurentine:- Hi hi ur just illegal.. N illegal things no matter how much good u think it brings u.. It just ends as thrash dts d bad news 👅.ur ouffit is good
mtruth47:-  When are they going to arrest you again ….. 

walyamwanza:- I am just wondering if you will have issues on your passport seeing as you look different all the time, whiter and more feminine than in the last month etc…. not hating just my thoughts…Donald Trump immigration na strict lol

mummy_ttt:- Why is it that all your transactions ends up in this your favourite building,anytime you dey go Out,na here your outing dey turn out to no no no baby,no no no no stop lying😂😂😂

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