Brad Pitt Having Scars Rather Than Angelina Jolie’s Tattoos On His Body

After Brad started dating Jolie, Pitt body quickly became heavily-inked of which many of his tats pay tribute to the mother of his children and it was said to be “true love”.

According to reports from several media outlets, Brad has Angie’s birthday scrawled on his “groin,” some “squiggles” on his back that Jolie doodled while they were lying naked in bed, matching ink from a Thai monk meant to “bind them spiritually,” and the geographical coordinates of Angie’s birthday.

In the past eight months, we’ve been reading and talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting a divorce but what they’ve not mention is,  if they were co-drugging as love birds just like Whitney and estrange husband Bobbi Brown.

Because Brad is so ready to get rid of whatever concerns her off and that can make anyone wonder why!, knowing all their love escapades over the years.(hmm love,love,love)
There maybe more to their split, for Christ sake this is Brangelina here.

Not only did, Brad says he’s sober now after decades of substance abuse but he so eager to wipe all his Jolie related tattoos even if that’ll result in scars, is that bad.

He just want to put the past away and move on with his life as swift as possible.

Not surprisingly, he considers removing or covering up all his Angie tattoos as part of that process.

“He’s making appointments to remove the tattoos he got for Angie. He’s ready for a fresh start and wants that reflected on his skin.
The source adds, “It’s going to take at least a year to get rid of them, and they’ll leave scars.  He may just cover them up, but he has so many about Angie, he’ll end up needing a lot of huge pieces.”

So soon all we’ll gonna see is new ink on new Brad! Honestly, things we do with the eyes of love is unimaginable when the charm is off our eyes.

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