Why Singer J’Odie Marriage To Her Actor Husband Packed Off Reveal

Few years ago Delta State born singer J’odie had a low key marriage ceremony with lead actor of the ‘Dear Mother’ soap opera David Nnaji in Warri and from that day on they became husband and wife.

In no time J’odie was seen heavy and she later had their son last year, making the young actor a father.

David was so happy that he share the news of the arrival of his on social media but little did fans know about the circumstances surrounding the little man’s birth, after some few months rumour mongers started whispering that their marriage has pack off and J’odie changed her name from Joy J’odie Nnaji to J’odie The Great but both parties never refutes the rumour.

Recently J’odie granted an interview with Linda Ikeji Tv were she talked at length, disclosing her son life struggles and all but when asked about her husband David Nnaji, she said that area is not were she would like to touch and she never mentioned anything about her marriage or David Nnaji.

An insider has shield a little light on the part the “Under The Mango Tree” crooner refuse talking about and the source who want remain anonymous said:
David changed after the birth of their son and left home, abandoning J’odie to herself to deal with new development while J’odie has to pay the bills all alone that it even got to a point when he stopped picking his calls.

According to the source, there were so many ugly things that went down which led to the couple splitting but the good thing is, in all of the traumatic experiences, J’odie choose to be happy, blowing her hair blond, she sure want to do things that makes her happy, live life and take good care of her son to her maximum ability.

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