Photos Of O.J Simpson’s Ex Wife On A Pool Of Blood In 1994

O.J Simpson and ex-wife Nichole

This may only be of interest to those who, like myself, were obsessed with the OJ Simpson murder trial and its esoterica and want to know more about O.J Simpson.

The photos below are close-up shots of the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, who were murdered by OJ Simpson in June 1994.

 These photos are screenshots from a TV documentary show on the case. I haven’t seen these particular photos anywhere else on the internet, and they are a higher resolution than most since they come from an HD TV broadcast. Alas, no one has yet produced the Holy Grail of the Simpson murders: an uncensored photo of Nicole’s neck wound.

Descriptions of photos from top to bottom:
Nicole’s crumpled body lying at the foot of her condo’s stairs.
Closer shot of Nicole’s blook-soaked face and hair.
Nicole’s bloody legs with her feet sticking under a gate fence.
Nicole’s body from above.
Close-up of Nicole’s back with blood drops.
Close-up of Nicole’s bloody hand. Notice her face in background obscured by plastic sheet.
Close-up of Ronald Goldman’s hand showing abrasions and defensive wound on pinky finger.
Close-up of stab wound going through Ronald Goldman’s jeans.

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