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Girl With Scary Body Birthmark Found Love After Years Of Being Bullied And Call "Animal" (Photos)

Love is so blind! say it again, is so validated to these story of 22, Year old Beatriz Pugliese, who has an extremely rare condition known as giant congenital melanocytic nevus, a form of birthmark that covers nearly 80 per cent of her body has found love after many years of being bullied and seen as an animal, as you can see above. (Her body sure define the reincarnation theory as some people believe.)

She has continue to battle with her body-shammers until she finds a man who love her regardless of what she looks like, there is someone for everybody, believe it! just hold a little while longer, if you haven’t find any yet, Love is on the way.

 Doctors say, her condition affects only one in every 500,000 people on planet earth, which makes her
some kind of special of you ask me. (I use to have a friend in primary school when i was 8, whom has this scary birthmark on her fair face, the dark birthmark covered 95% of her face and she never had friends, people were not that friendly with her, but i liked her. She was so opposite of me, lol, she was cool and quiet. Maybe that’s why i liked her, whenever i caught sight of her, i will call her and gist while my siblings stand some distance away.)

Despite her skin condition, she has found love with her boyfriend of three years

 Pugliese, who comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been living with this condition since he was a toddler. 
Because of her distinctive look, marked by black spots all over her body, she has been bullied and called funny names. The bullies, she says, nicknamed her ‘monkey’. But her appearance never stopped her from finding true love.

Fellipe Koroboff, her 24-year-old boyfriend of three years, clearly doesn’t care how she looks, but rather her charming personality and attitude towards life.

Pugliese, herself is not bothered by what people call her or say about her skin. In fact, she refused to go for surgery to change her appearance.

 “I always tell others to learn to be happy with what they have. We have to learn to see what we are inside,” she says.

And if you thought being called a monkey was cruel, then you could be wrong as Pugliese is now planning to work with the primates and other animals.

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