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All You Never Knew About Celine Dion

Hey guys, i got something new and really interesting for y’all to read on, (trust me is worth your time if you are a Celine Dion’s fan, talking of being her fan, who isn’t her fan?)and is all about her legendary, the queen of blues, Celine Dion.

I went fishing this time, i didn’t dig (as a grand daughter of a fisherman i should probably be using the “fishing” term, i find it more appropriate to digging, lol) this time, am done digging, am fishing now.
Here are some amazing findings after much fishing on Celine Dion, I can boldly tell you that you know none of these before now, but now you know, courtesy of yours truly, so enjoy and thank me later.
Celine Wasn’t Planned By Her Parents: Having 14 children is definitely a handful, and this carried a very heavy financial burden on the Dion family as well. After 13 kids, Celine’s mother was not intending on having any more, but fate had a different idea and she found out she was pregnant with number 14 that turns out to be Celine. The unexpected pregnancy, although a joyous occasion, meant certain adjustments had to be done. Perhaps that is why Celine, didn’t have a sturdy bed and had to sleep in a cabinet drawer at first.

She Had No Other Choice: She was named after the song Céline, which French singer Hugues Aufray had recorded two years before her own birth. At the age of five, the young Céline made her first public appearance at her brother Michel’s wedding. Thereafter, she continued to perform with her siblings in various occasions. Being born to such a musical family, Celine might not have stood out between her large immediate family, but she felt special. Celine loved the stage so much, she dreamed of being a performer.

Discovered In The Weirdest Way: 
Celine’s other brother, Jacques, and mother decided to write and compose a song, which was later sung by Celine and recorded for fun. Celine’s mother decided the recording had to be heard by someone in the industry, as Celine’s talent was too extraordinary to pass on. Finding a random name and contact information printed at the back of a music album, she sent the recording to music manager Rene Angélil.

She Almost Died: When Celine Dion was just 5-years-old, she was backed into by a truck. She remained unconscious for several days and suffered from several skull fractures, but all was healed over the course of time.
Her Mom Had To Interfere: Along with the demo, Celine’s mother wrote a note: “This is a 12-year-old with a fantastic voice. Please listen to her. We want her to be like Ginette Reno.”
However, being the hot shot manager he was, Angélil didn’t just listen to every tape sent his way. One of Celine’s brothers decided to take things into his own hands and requested to meet Rene. During their meeting, Michel urged Rene to listen to the tape. After listening, Rene immediately demanded Celine would come to audition.

Her Audition Was Far From Normal: Blown away by her amazing talent, Rene demanded Celine would come to Quebec and audition in front of him, so that he could value her performance as well. He invited her to an appointment in his office, handed her a pencil and said, “Here’s your microphone. Now sing as though you were in front of a sellout audience.” Céline sang and on the spot, Rene became her biggest fan – and so he was until the day he died.
Rene Burst Into Tears: Celine commented about this audition during one interview – “While I was singing, he (Rene) started to cry, I knew then I had done a good job.” Angélil signed her instantaneously. He decided he would be the one to transform her into a star – but it wouldn’t be easy. Celine was definitely talented, but she needed some work as she was too rough around the edges. To fit the future Rene had in store for her, the little girl from Charlemagne had to work hard.

High Stakes Gambler: Celine’s voice was so unique, powerful and moving, Rene deeply believe that, with the right guidance, she would be the next big thing. Therefore, in 1981, Rene mortgaged his home to fund her first record, La Voix Du Bon Dieu, which later became a local number one hit and made Dion an instant star in Quebec. Rene was always known to be a huge risk taker, he even played poker in his free time – but this particular gamble was just risky enough that it paid off.

A Shark When It Comes To Business: Her mother, Therese Tanguay Dion (better known as “maman Dion”in Québec), is famous for her culinary talents. Apparently, this talent did not skip a generation, as Celine herself started a restaurant in Québec called Nickels in 1990. The restaurant was so tremendously successful that Celine turned it into a chain, later introduced in Ontario, too. Turns out Celine is quite the entrepreneur, since she has her own magazine, too – the Celine Dion Magazine.

She Demanded Time To Grow Up: After her tour, Celine and Rene thought it would be best if Celine took a little break from the business. Quite a risky move, considering she was just breaking into the industry and might have been forgotten over that period of time, but it was necessary. Celine was going through a personal transformation as well, moving from childhood to adulthood, and she needed to find her voice and mature offscreen and offstage. Set on their decision, Celine took an 18 month break.

Learning English And Going Global: This choice to take some time off was a wise one – when Celine returned, her audience met a singer transformed – one who is more comfortable in her own skin, she has taken that time off to mature and master English perfectly. She had released her newest album yet – Incognito – which sold over half a million copies. This was the first album produced with her new record label, CBS (later to become Sony).

Celine’s Mom Hated Her Relationship: Celine told Access Hollywood that her mother was initially opposed to her relationship with Angélil, saying “It was very difficult for her. When I told her I had some really strong feelings for Rene she tried everything to kill him and make me snap out of it… I was very frustrated and mad at first, but she tried to make me understand that this man tried marriage twice before he has three children, he’s not responsible, “I want the perfect Prince Charming for you”.

Paid Millions For Spreading Lies: After releasing thirteen albums during the 90’s and Rene’s diagnosis with cancer, Celine announced she was taking a step back from the spotlight. While on break, the National Enquirer published a false story about the singer, with the headline reading “‘I’m Pregnant With Twins!’” attached to a picture of Celine and Rene. Dion later sued the magazine for more than $20 million. The editors of Enquire printed an apology and donated money to the American Cancer Society in honor of Dion and her husband.

They Called Her A Traitor: Dion’s real international breakthrough came when she sang Disney’s Beauty and the Beast track in 1991. The song earned Dion her first Grammy Award, but suddenly, Celine was called a traitor and two-faced by her French fans in Canada, saying she neglected them for her American audience. Celine would later rebuff these criticisms at the Félix Awards show, where she refused to accept the award “English Artist of the Year”, asserting that she was and would always be an artist of French and not of English heritage.

She Hated The Song “My Heart Will Go On”: The jewel of Celine’s repertoire is, of course, the prodigious “My Heart Will Go On” single but for Celine, the song was a huge flunk waiting to toss her career down the drain. As she told talk show host Jonathan Ross, she was dreading the moment she’d have to record the song “… I didn’t really like the song, at first. I did another song for a movie before. It was very successful, and I thought we were pushing our luck…”

Michael Jackson’s Fanatic Fan: Once signing with CBS,  the same label as Michael Jackson, Celine was definitely in the major leagues.
Rumor has it Celine was a huge fan of Michael’s, and when she saw him perform on television, she told Rene she aspired to be just like him success-wise. By the time she was 18 years old, Celine had already won several awards and released nine French albums, so it is safe to say she was heading in the right direction.

A 5-Year-Old Hanging Out At A Bar: Her family owned a piano bar called Le Vieux Baril, where Dion and her siblings would regularly perform. The name of the bar translates into “The Old Barrel” and was situated in the town of Charlemagne, Quebec. Celine’s family even lived on the premises. Celine started singing at the lounge at age 5, and it didn’t take long for customers to notice her majestic voice, and they began making requests for her to perform. This part-house part-bar was later demolished.

Doctor Dion: Celine Dion received many awards in her life, including the National Order of Quebec, her province’s highest honor, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. As of 2008, Celine became Dr. Dion when she received an honorary doctorate from Laval University in Quebec. The singer, who never graduated high school, said the distinction was “a very great honor for a little girl from Charlemagne.” She dedicated the award to her husband for his role in her massive career.

America’s Sweetheart Was Born: In 1990, Celine released her first English album named Unison. By doing so, she successfully entered the American market, which resulting in her album being certified gold in the US, with the single Where Does My Heart Beat Nowreaching number 5 on the charts. Jay Leno invited Celine to The Tonight Show, and he predicted she would go on to an extraordinary career. But then, after booking her American tour for the album, the unexpected happened.

Almost Losing Her Voice Forever: While Celine was touring for Unison, she lost her voice. Celine was suffering from severe fatigue and an outburst of laryngitis. Her packed schedule was exhausting, her vocal cords became inflamed and she was utterly disappointed when her doctor forced her to cancel her shows. His instructions were clear – if she wanted to avoid vocal cord surgery, she had to remain absolutely silent for three weeks. After that, she began a strict routine to take better care of her voice, but it wasn’t easy…

Revealing Her Big Secret: On a personal level, Celine decided to come out with the biggest secret she has ever held away from the public that she and Rene have transitioned their relationship from professional to romantic. Dion announced her feelings for her manager by declaring him “the colour of (her) love” in the dedication section of her third album The Colour of My Love. “Maybe at 17, 18 years old, my feelings started to change for him,” Dion told Access Hollywood in 2013, “I kind of saw him differently.”

Fearing The Public: Turns out, they began dating when Dion was 19 – while Rene was 45 years old. Twenty-six years her senior, Rene was keen on keeping this relationship a secret. Actually, both Celine and Rene feared that the public would find their relations inappropriate due to their significant age difference, but this was no ordinary fling better kept under the radar. After being together for so long, the two love birds wanted to move forward in their relationship, to get married and have children.

Going Overboard: Ready for the next chapter in their lives, Celine and Rene married on December 17, 1994. The wedding took place at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, which is one of the most extravagant locations available in Canada. Additionally, the whole ceremony was televised on Canadian national television, so the entire nation could watch as the two say their vows. Many media platforms criticized the wedding, saying it was too overboard and had a unnecessary royal sense to it.

Bridezilla Or Royal Princess?: According to Dion’s official website, the silk gown that Dion wore as a wedding gown was designed by Mirella and Steve Gentile, and took over 1,000 hours to make. The dress featured an enormous train that was twenty feet long, which matched a twenty pound heavy tiara, just to add that extra magical touch. Their fairytale wedding was the hottest topic discussed for many weeks to come in all different tabloids and magazines all over the globe.

She Had Problems Conceiving: 
In the first months of 2000, Dion announced that she was taking time off from her career in order to focus on her family. Dion had two small operations at a fertility clinic in New York to improve her chances of conceiving, after deciding to use in-vitro fertilization because of years of failed attempts to conceive. After undergoing many fertility treatments, Dion gave birth to a son, René-Charles Dion Angélil, on January 25th, 2001, in Florida.

Pricey Homes And Multiple Investments: Post-wedding, a traditional newly-wed couple would have started saving up for buying their first home together. Celine and Rene actually already had several real estate investments prior to their wedding. Of the many homes that Dion and Angélil owned together, none was quite as extravagant as their property in Jupiter, Florida. In 2014, the lavish mansion went on the market for a whopping $72 million. Included in the price tag: three pools, a simulated golf course, and an actual water park.

He Was Her Everything: The Let’s Talk About Love world tour, that followed right after the Titanic blowout, was a massive triumph. While Celine having concerts attended by 180,000, Rene was diagnosed with cancer. Celine paid tribute to him during the show, receiving a towering ovation. A few months later, Rene felt better and was onstage to kiss his sweetheart in the last seconds of the millennium. The extraordinary concert was the last before taking some time off. Angélil died on 14 January 2016, two days before his 74th birthday.

Her Children’s Names Were Chosen Carefully: In May 2010, Angelil announced that Dion was 14 weeks pregnant with twins after a sixth treatment of in-vitro fertilization. On Saturday, 23 October 2010, Celine gave birth to healthy fraternal twins. The twins were named Eddy, after Dion’s favorite French songwriter, Eddy Marnay, who had also produced Dion’s first five albums, and Nelson, after former South African President Nelson Mandela. Dion appeared with her newborn sons on the cover of 9 December 2010 issue of the Canadian edition of Hello! magazine.

Dreaming Of Changing The World: Known for being a philanthropist, Celine helped raise $1 million for the victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami, promoted the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since 1982, donated $1 million to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina and appeared on Larry King Live, tearfully criticizing the government’s slow response: “There’s people still there waiting to be rescued. To me that is not acceptable…How can it be so easy to send planes in another country to kill everybody in a second and destroy lives. We need to serve our country.”

Her Secret Dad: Most fans know all about Celine’s mom but most people don’t know that her father was a huge part of her life. His name was Adhémar Dion and he passed away in 2003. The day she lost her father, Celine told her fans, “My dad was and is still my number one fan since I was a very little girl. I know that my dad would want me to be here tonight on stage with everyone I love, doing what we love.”

Her Son Is Too Young: After Celine’s son, Rene Charles Angelil, helped her present an award at the Billboard Music Awards, people on Twitter quickly responded to seeing her son for the first time as a young adult. Many Twitter followers developed a bit of a crush on the superstar’s son. There was only one little problem. He was fifteen at the time! One clever fan jokingly tweeted, “Shawn Mendes is 17, Celine Dion’s son only FIFTEEN. Thanks #BBMAs for making us all feel like fat old perverts.”

She Made It To 90: Celine Dion’s mom has been by her side through thick and thin. Luckily, she is still alive and well and very close with her famous daughter. This past on her mother’s 90th birthday, Celine shared some special pictures on social media and a very thoughtful caption. Under the rare family photo, Dion wrote in English and in French,”What a privilege for all of us to still have you around. Happy 90th birthday mom! We love you.”

Surviving The Death Of Her Brother And Her : Celine Dion had to deal with a lot of loss throughout her life. However, nothing compares to the time in her life that she lost her husband and brother to cancer in the same week. Of course, Celine, the eternal optimist, always finds a way to put a positive spin on even the most tragic of events. In an interview with People magazine, she said,  “René (her husband) escorted my brother. It was perfect.”

Her Siblings Never Made It Big: Out of Celine Dion’s twelve siblings, it is no surprise that she was not the only child that wanted to make it big as a singer. Her older sister, Claudette, also had dreams of becoming a music superstar. Claudette has had a little success in the music business, but not nearly as much as her famous sister. Celine’s deceased husband, René Angélil, produced two albums for her that attracted a more mature audience.

Making Money Off Her Fashion Sense: As if Celine was not already talented and wealthy enough, she had to go and create a brilliant fashion line too! She was always known as one of Hollywood’s best-dressed celebrities, so it is no surprise she put her great taste to good use. Her new collection features more than 200 items. her bags and accessories have already received rave reviews. Interestingly, her handbags were inspired by her 90-year-old mother and her twin boys, according to People magazine.

A Canadian Star: When you think of the Walk of Fame, the first thing that may come to mind is the iconic one located in Hollywood. But believe it or not, Canada has it’s very own edition, featuring the hottest properties to have come out of the land of the maple leaf. So it makes perfect sense that Celine Dion would have her own star. She proudly received the accolade in 2003, which was swiftly followed by her inclusion in the Hollywood version.

Master Of Many Tongues: As well as being a Canadian icon with a stunning voice, Celine Dion also has another skill: she can sing in many different languages. While many recognize both her French and English songs, Dion has also graced fans around the world, accommodating them at concerts in their own mother tongues. She has also been known to both record and perform songs in a variety of languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese and even Mandarin Chinese.

Younger Than Her Own Stepson: Rene Angélil was married twice before marrying the beloved Celine Dion. In 1966, Angélil married his first wife, Denyse Duquette. They had a son, Patrick, who was born in 1968 – making Celine three months younger than her stepson, Patrick Angélil.

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