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Frank Edoho, Deny Being Drop As "Who Want To Be A Millionaire" Anchor, See What More

 All media houses and gossip columns has report that Frank Edoho whose face graced our TV screen for years on the “who wants to be a millionaire” show, was dropped and would no longer anchor the show as it returns tomorrow Sept. 3, 2017, with no reason why that decision was made by the new management.

However, Frank on the other hand is saying “I wasn’t dropped.” with the reason that he and the new
management didn’t get to a compromise in terms of agreement and negotiations.

Fans are more concern about Frank Edoho well being, thinking the “Who Want To Be A Millionaire” show may never be the same again without Frank Edoho which is a factual fact, cause the show can only get more better with a new anchor who will introduce his/her own chemistry as well to the audience.

Considering Frank Edoho as being jobless or so to say at the moment, with a wife and good numbers of children from two marriages to fed for, the future did hold a whole lot and without the “Who Want To Be A Millionaire” pay cheque, no one is certain what to expect.

And we know women can be funny when the cash is no longer flowing, as it use to, we can only wish Frank Edoho’s case would be different but there again i remember Karma is bitch who serves you what you truly deserve.

Its not news that Frank Edoho dump his first wife Katherine Obiang who stood by him fromthe his days of a hustling OAP, when he was nothing, married him and gave birth to his sons with 0% complains, only to be dumped when the money started coming, labeled her a nagging wife and all that. Then marry his now fair skin wife. (hmmm, life)

If you like talk and believe in investment, things definitely can’t be the same with NO “Who Want To Be A Millionaire” money hitting the bank account.

Until reality unfolds, let’s keep our fingers cross.

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