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Timeless Diary: Whatever You Brought

Whatever You Brought

Its a whole different reason for different people
Why they get on a date and why they actually date
For me its what next to learn
The new phase till the end say it all
I just wanna know if these could mean something
Am an adventurer
I climbed the tallest tree in school to the highest and thinnest branch

And I felt good, knowing I can get there
The adventure, the game, the heartbeat and why
Getting to know the other as he gets to know me personally
Than the shadows we all assume
That’s the passion and why I jump in

Amazingly they can’t deal
Each time their faces drop with a shock
Knowing its not what they’ve thought all along
That is the difference with reality and assumption
With mere outward appearance

After all these years
It eventually us together
You came to me
And flat, I lay on your arms
Didn’t know, it wasn’t planned
It just happen
But I know I was into another journey of discovery
Shortly, feelings started to grow
It was inescapable
You could see it and feel it, you told me, before I thought of saying it

Felt accomplished knowing you know
How much you are loved
Didn’t hide it
Just for you to know then you could decide
What you really want for us
I respect everybody’s emotions
Cause I like mine to be respected as well

One can only wish
Emotions are reciprocated
But there’s absolutely nothing
We can do about it, since we not in control anyone feelings
If it turns the other way
Just pray the right one finds you soon enough
Since life is short

Thinking you are not good enough is a setup
Don’t give in
There are devils with love and angels
Life is not fair

These few days has been emotionally drilling for me
For I am buried in you
Which reminds me of what love truly means
Love is pain and only the strong behaves well in it
Love is understanding, is patience and more in display
I’ve learn to hold my heart and get little distractions

And here I am saying
Whatever you brought, am ready to learn
I am ready to be inspired with whatever you brought
Nobody came and left me the same
There is always something to learn from every situation
My write up keeps getting better each year
If I never started because I didn’t go to Harvard that would’ve been failure

If I kept saying you not him
Without trying
I wouldn’t have known what its really like to be with your kind
And your little light would have pass me by
Heart breaks has forever be blessing in disguise in the end
So I am not too scared to be heartbroken once again
If that’s the penalty of loving you
Give me whatever you brought

It might hurt so much
When I no more think about you with that smile
But whatever you brought am buying
It can only mean good for me, I know
I can feel it,that whatever the end will be, is for my good

Am open to whatever you brought
With my eyes closed and everything inside of me
Patiently am waiting for the tears of whatever
Am inn with whatever you brought.

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