See What You Never Knew As Davido’s Second Babymama Amanda Grind Haterz

 The only good thing that comes with being a babymama or a babydada to a popular figure in the world is the automatic fame that comes with it which drag one out of their private and unnoticeable life to the spotlight.
Its the opportunity young girls and women of all ages jump at from time in memorial. Some are lucky enough to trap men down with the trick and get hooked for life while others seem a bit unlucky depending on the man.

Back to the gist, we all know OBO crooner Davido now have a second babymama just like his brother Wizkid (maybe that is a competition as well between them, still on the supremacy battle, as they continue to prove to the world, who is truly “Bad (er) and Baddest”, not forgetting that
is culture from the days of our forefathers as Nigerian men naturally takes pride in acquiring more and more women and children. The ideal of one man to one woman is western backed up with holy book the bible, it was never African or in the Nigeria tradition).

Davido’s second babymama Amanda who reside in Atlanta hit IG with a major shade for her growing haterz for hating on her little self, according to her, she said: “chicks and niggas be hating on me” even though she is a working student (like seriously gal, working student? even after riding on OmoBaba Olowo? if a girl can be that smart to get impregnated with just one ride, what stops you from settling your bills, laying on your back? I don’t get, Oh oh guess that explains why, being a babymama was an option.) who haven’t gone that far in terms of reaching her “goals” just yet.

See here post below:⇩

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