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Timeless Diary: I Wish

I Wish

In life there are certain things
One would wish for and wished some never happened
None of them are under our control
Some I think is included in the plan before we got here
Some just went that way since we can control nothing
Angels did fault, talk-less of humans
Who can’t even direct their own very step aright from hitting a stone

There is no one on the planet
Who has spent over two decades
With no events and history
Time flies, each day breaks with its own events making history
And looking back, I just wish

I wish life is different from what it is now
I wish I  didn’t take so much after my daddy
All I see in the mirror is
I wish I was loved, welcome, pampered by every family member
I wish I had all of their love
I wish my daddy keeps checking on me at night
The way he used to when I was little
If am okay in the middle of the night from that age till 30
I wish Steps never came into the picture
I wish it was just us and nobody else
I wish my daddy was more manly being a young man
I wish he was brave enough, tears of joys would’ve been his at the end
I wish he chose his child over stories
I wish he was the real Aaron
I wish he knew how blessed he was in the house of Moses
I wish women were more concerned about each other and wouldn’t skillfully pull up all that work just to keep someone’s man to themselves
I wish life was fair to you Florence
Guess you get compensated more than you ever asked for, the end shall tell
Good health and long life to you
I wish

I wish graduation pictures said different story
I wish I never mingle with some people
I wish I chose better ones young enough
I wish I said yes to the other guys than the ones i chose
I wish I did all am suppose when I suppose
I wish I talk less
I wish they understood and understand
I wish my story was different
I wish my surname was different but never have I wish my mom was
I wish the right one came much earlier
I wish I had all my kids before 30
I wish alcohol never gets too much because the excitement it gives
Got me filling up my glass
I wish people pay good with no evil
But all my good deeds breeds evil from thesame people I did good
I wish nobody has nothing tarnishing to say about me ever
I wish women will stay away from my home and my husband
Just as I stay off others
I wish my big sisters can understand why, their husbands are never an option for me
They can’t understand cause they don’t know where am coming from
I wish haters don’t multiply as you go higher and get better

I wish I will do whatever forever with nobody talking
I wish life was less with expectations
Life would be more lifer if we live how we want to
Without no one calling me a sadist because I’d rather keep to myself
I wish everyone would understand that we are all fighting something
I wish they know some scars we’ve to live with for the rest of our lives
I wish gems and pearls are not found in dirty mould
So everyone can recognize one when they see one
I wish the sky was colour purple

I wish my heart is rock like
I wish I could sing better
I wish I can use weapons when am threatened
I wish I never drank beer
I wish my grandpa was here to see his little Joy
In his arms I felt loved
Someone said I took daddy’s complexion
I responded, Have you seen my grandpa?
And I mean my maternal’s

I wish I make myself laugh as much I do to people
But somehow I found a comedian too
I wish I never gets angry
I wish people can know me for my smiling face
I wish men are more loving
I wish I never wasted my time on the wrong ones and things
I wish I looked closer sooner
I wish I didn’t grow up so fast but what else can a girl like me do
When all I have was me
I did most things by myself for myself, that’s what made me this independent
I wish I was lucky enough to have true friends
I wish they had ambition and determination to walk the long road
I wish I chose a better school to study
I wish daddy taught me chemistry and physics than sending me in to read my English texts
I wish I am a Princess
I wish

I wish the devil never existed
I wish God’s time was now but I’ll wait on Him
I wish I get anxious, cry and think less
I wish my heart was not this open
I wish I am a pretender, knowing how humans hate truthfulness
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
I wish so much that i can’t stop wishing
I wish.

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