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Timeless Diary: In My Sexiness

In My Sexiness

Over the years, I’ve see girls being in all they could be
Whatever they feel is good enough for that special someone
Someone they buy that lingerie and perfume for
Even when is going to be on their body
Someone they’ve crave to be with every minute
High Hopes of being just fine and happy
Though there are loads of fun in the table with friends
They just wanted that one with them

They were happy to find that one
They both share something more
Something deeper than what some of us felt for our partners
It is love, connection that make their relationship
To others, it was sex and the pleasure
Is a feeling known when felt, its indeed indescribable until you are
Lucky to find that one, that is truly Special.

Looking back sometimes,
I don’t feel like dating anymore
I don’t know if I’ll ever find that someone
Who is true and special for me
I’ve grown to be independent all by myself
Kudos to mum who from day one rang the
Beauty of being an Independent woman
Among all of her precious and motherly gifts, these one of them
I’ll forever be grateful for
I have seen men bullshit me when I was penniless
I have seen same men marvel at me with desire and regards when the game changed
Mother is a blessing

I fought so hard, hope too long to find that special one earlier enough
But everything happen for a purpose and for our good, at the that set time
Don’t force it, I mean you can’t force it !
At the long run, we’ll appreciate the delays
Is funny how people we’ve known all our lives
Never gets bigger in our eyes even when we’ve grown than the previous self
When they’ve actually grow taller and bigger
Until they prove to us who they’ve become
For we’ve grown

Goodnews is, there”s the man I’ve always dreamed of
Someone to own, bend me with ease, without being a tyrant
Someone who is capable to be my man
Someone who knows my flaws and understand am not proud of them
Someone who is not depriving me from being me
At the same time has these set of unique principles
Someone not bossing me around and still get back his dues in full
Someone I’ll joyfully do whatsoever for his sake

Bananas taste better when matured
In my sexiness is you I want
In my sexiness is you I wanna be with
In my sexiness is you I want to obey
Is you baby, I want eternity with
Though sometimes there is this sadness
That only you and I understand
Nobody else i rather have than you
Your intellectuals gets me falling so hard
You are an icon
You are a legend, deserving of honor
True honor comes with one’s deeds
Let yours speak for you

No one had made me feel this sane way
With load of madness with the wisdom
And so much balance, its new for me
Is beautiful seeing we snipe on all subjects and still remain lovers
That’s how its meant to be
A mini you will be perfect for us
Words are lacking to say what it really is
The only thing that breaks my heart a little
Is knowing we are humans with lots of Dos ability
But, that is okay
I signed up for all of your imperfections
I don’t need you perfect since am not, either
But we should try baby

We can be on our own world
We can take trips and wake up in the wilderness
We can spend nights inside us
In our own world
Where the melody from the birds are awe-inspiring
Far away from this sick world
It will be just Us
Our world of Us, for Us, with Us and by Us

In my sexiness is you I think about
Is you I want lying next to me
Is you that see me in my sexiness
Is you alone that knows my sexiness
In my sexiness is in your arms I wanna be
In my sexiness is your cuddles that should keep me warm
In my sexiness is your lips I should glue to
In my sexiness is you on me, Is you
I should hold and wrap my legs around
In my sexiness, I don’t know what dirty means
In my sexiness, am not bordered with whatsoever you request
In my sexiness is you and me pleasing us
In my sexiness is you I want endlessly
Baby is me and you diving in ecstasy
In my sexiness

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