Wizkid Going Bald Headed So Soon? (Photos)

 Wizkid is currently home enjoying all the love from fans and decided to hit his hood, Ojuelegba as a son of the soil and obviously, to him it was one of those moments when you will feel proud of what you’ve become.
Knowing this was what life means years ago to you. He share a couple of videos from the hood tour where he was treated like a King that he is. 

In the spirit of the kingly excitement, one of the videos were the “Ojuelegba” crooner uploaded, there was a part of his head that couldn’t go
unnoticed as the hairs in that spot seems to be fewer than the rest part of head and that has got tongues wagging if the “Star Boy” is kind of bald headed in the middle of his head.

Judging from other men who are also bald head, it’s either it’s front bald head, like 2face Idibia’s or the middle bald head just like some men has it.

 Why this is Newsy is simply, in all years of Wizkid hitting the limelight, nobody has ever linked him or know him as a bald headed dude as this seems to be a new development for our dude.

 Things like this explains why some celebrities and regular guys with some kind of ‘heads’ wouldn’t do without a cap on. Unknowingly to fans and peeps, there’s something more to it than the fashion.  Examples are Mr. Capable, Banky W and Ruggedman

Photo Credit: Instagram/Wizkid

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