Liverpool Win Russian FC Spartak Moscow Despite Banning Players From Sex

Russia most successful football club Spartak Moscow players whom ended up with a 7 to Nill while playing Liverpool FC yesterday, were actually banned from having sexual intercourse in a bid to help them produce a Champions League upset against Liverpool but it turns out their celebrity doctor Victoria Gameeva whom has millions of Instagram followers dished out the ‘not too correct’ therapy-advice.

As FC Spartak Moscow were scored 7 to Nill despite avoiding sex before the most anticipated game
that was a major shoot that only added another wing to Liverpool FC.

The fully trained cardiologist claims that having sex in the days leading up to a match has a negative effect on male athletes and is stopping the Moscow players from scoring off the field.

She said: “From a medical point of view sex stimulates the ability to work only in women”, Gameeva told a Russian television station this week before the match yesterday.

Adding: “In martial arts it happens that a female athlete could fight just five or ten minutes after having sex and her results would be better.
But it works other way round for men. They should avoid sex two or three days before the football game.”

For Spartak to escape from the group, they were suppose to beat Liverpool and overturn a seven-goal swing as well hope Sevilla slip up against Maribor.

 Victoria hit IG with photos of her with the FC Spartak Moscow players in what looks like a therapy session.

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