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Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Wife Jail For His Murder After 7yrs

Lorenzen Vern-Gagne Wright popularly known as Lorenzen wright was an American professional basketball player who played thirteen seasons in the National Basketball Association only to be found dead in his home with bullets back in 2010.

Now his estrange wife Sherra Wright turn out to be the prime suspect as an eye-witness who  was Lorenzen’s personal assistant by name Wendy Wilson disclosed with disturbing messages as evidence that the former NBA player’s estrange wife threatened him with, previously before he was killed 7yrs ago which led the police to take her into custody ASAP and in less than 24hrs she was thrown into jail.

Gist has it that she knew in many people’s minds she was a prime suspect. She was one of the last people to see him the night he disappeared and was later found dead according to reports.

However Sherra said when she was questioned:

“He wasn’t able to spend the night because he wasn’t here quite that long. He ran out and he never came back”.

Sherra has continue to deny any involvement or knowing anything or whatsoever about her estrange husband’s death though she told newsmen that the place he was found dead is a place they often went to talk.

Wendy Wilson has continue to say Sherra killed him out of jealousy and at the time of their divorce, rumor has it that Lorenzen was seeing a younger woman who he got serious and was very much in-love with.

“If she ever caught him with anyone else … I think my story has never changed … that she said would kill him,” said Wilson.

Then there was the money, a question came up with Sherra during our 2010 interview, was she in financial trouble after the divorce?

But despite the suspicions that money or jealous may have led to Sherra being involved in Lorenzen’s murder, she said:

“I was married to an NBA basketball player for 13 years April. My watch is a car. My ring is a house. I have 12 house notes in my ear right now. I am just saying,” she told us back then.

“If I knew who did this to Lorenzen, you would know who did this to Lorenzen,” she said.

Sherra Wright was interview by newsmen by phone on Thursday, just hours before her arrest and she never indicated she knew what was coming to her.

Newsmen are still expecting to hear from Sherra and her children soon, she’d said they will be officially speaking with a trusted person.

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