Tory Lanez Shock Fans With Babymama To Wrap-Off 2017 (Photos)

Early these year, Tory Lanez broke fans heart when he was arrested for drugs and arms possession in Florida that he later came on IG to give a twist (See Story Here) . And now that the year 2017 is wrapping off forever today, the “LUV” singer broke an amazing and unexpected news to fans via IG
once again.

Why the Canadian’s new development can be said to be“amazing and unexpected” is that the dude haven’t been linked to any woman just yet ever since he hit stardom and now is a B-A-B-Y!.

Yea! ‘The Babymama Syndrome’ non-stop and is a universal flow and of course it all generated from Hollywood to Nollywood to the World.

Nigerians young entertainers seems to be much more cool with the trend, thereby abandoning their culture and what they represent as Africans with a cultural-culture. Sadly, is now the ‘in-thing’ for them as their teenager fans in the country now see it as a trend as well and now brag with how many babymama’s they have.

Any way, is alright since life has list of options and numerous choices to make, so back to Tory Lanez being the new baby-dada in town. He put up the below photos of the cute baby boy on IG with the caption:

“How am I suppose to say no to this face ? 😩😩 my son is too cute man …#LilFargo

 Like seriously, dude wanted to “say no” if NOT for the baby’s “cute face” going by his caption and that would’ve resulted to another paternity battle just like Chris Brown and his babymama drama before his acceptance years back.

However, the identity of Tory Lanez’s babymama is yet to be revealed and to that I say, let’s keep our fingers crossed!.

Photo Credit: Instagram/torylanez

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