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Bob Marley’s Son Damian Marley Unveil His Kush "Flower" For The New Year (Photo)

Damian  ‘JR. Gong’ Marley is the real OG of Kush as at of now, beating any other Kush master in the entertainment world with his new “flower”, the “Jah Army” crooner didn’t just unveil the flower but he also gave direction to where one can buy it for whatever you need it for. Reason best known to you, LOL.

The Jamaican Reggae artist who was mere two years old when his father, Legendary Bob Marley
died is the only singer’s child from Miss World 1976 who also is a Canadian-Jamaican jazz musician Cindy Breakspeare can’t be said to be anything less talented with his music just like his father.

He share the above photo of the “Flower” with the caption:

“In celebration of the new year and the end of #California’s prohibition,@oceangrownextracts proudly presents Damian’s SpeakLife OG Flower, available while supplies last at the following locations: @420centrals, @thelandofahhs, @99hightide, @the_og_colletive, @topangawellnesscenter and @BSE.la #DamianMarley #SpeakLifeOG#CannabisHeals #Medication #OceanGrownExtracts

Below is a photo of Damian Marley’s mum with his father Bob Marley for your viewing pleasure.

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