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Timeless Diary: Year Of What?

Year Of What?

In my deepest thought at midnight and day
Harder and better when can’t say much to anyone
In my quiet time and in the stormy days
I’m only right here for me
What a loner?
Nothing else comes and refuse to leave my mind except you
You who has been the only reason I do everything I do
The only reason she may appear odd among others
Why she’s called a loner and all of those not very nice things
Just because You is about Me and me alone
Who knows, who hears, who understands what’s in-explainable
Mystic Gem

They talk the Future,
Here it is with us now
Right before my very eyes and yours
The reason why…
Tears may roll and dry off but there the scars remains

The unspoken, the broken, the pain and failures
Wrapped me in and here is and how Healing comes

Here its heard and freedom embrace my spirit after the tears
Courage stretched forth hands with comfort from within
In the mix of misunderstanding and mockery
I’ve never been shamed, Not for once
He wouldn’t allow being my Refuge
Funny how those you cherish despise you
All they want is what they can gain but Why?
With He for my innocence and openness I’m protected
And foes are every now and then exposed for my good
That I can’t be grateful enough,
He save me and keeps saving me and gently He is carrying me to the destination
He made and prepared me for

Now that my eyes are open, I worry not
Knowing He watches over me even in my imperfections
I feel His Love knowing I’m a mere small dust with his power I Am
He carries me in that white cloth of peace, He held on to me in my turbulence
Everywhere I go even in my ignorance

And when heartbreaks befalls me
He blesses me as a consolation that I may forget my sorrows and rejoice
Joy find its way to me each time I’m let down by associates
He reveal what they truly are and why I shouldn’t
That my innocence don’t get rape and injured
So many times We both know there is MORE to everything
And when the time of my training was Up
He perfected every one of it with a silver lining
That I may understand and appreciate Me with Thanks
What me Here for is it.
Now you ask me, what Year is it..

Year Of What? I say
                                   Is a Year of Joy,

Year of Works
Year of Great thing! that He may be adored for my sake.
Year of works,  
Year of
Year of works.

#StayWithMe #ThereIsAPerfectTimeForEveryone

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