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Timeless Diary: Undenial


Problems seems too big sometimes that we feel there’s no way out
But anytime that terrible feeling come crushing me down
There comes to mind the thought of eternal peace that’s not right to no one
I realize is from the evil one yet so strong
Then I recall about more tougher past happenings that can render anyone breathless
I rise and even grind it down
Somehow I console me that it’s just a phase but the pain is undenial
It shall pass soon enough maybe but it definitely will somehow, someday
Since nothing lasts forever
Pain so strong but who heal thy?
It shall pass

With hope I look forward to Joy, gladness, happiness Nothing more than Joy!
It gives me the due strength to carry on my heavy loads
Shoulders so thinning yet so strong
Build by what and for what he knew from onset
You is all you have in a world with millions of people
So close but so far away that they all out reach
As life troubles Offset it’s balances you
Nothing Quack down to get to you
Enjoy the moment it’s tough escapades
Live on and it shall leave you alone
Life and it’s intricacies
Interestingly build for our good

It’s only life that can teach you what’s truly true
‘Life is the Best Teacher’ not just a slogan for the fun
Of combining words
Good thing and the best thing in life that some never got opportune to experience
You can only be humble, better, wise, understand, know, do well in life if only
You are, were thought by Life
Thinking to tell Life
Thank you more often than I frown at her
I’m human with mere flesh and blood
For the pain so strong that I can’t help it than lament with bleeding eyes
It’s touching, graceful, hurtful and Undenial.

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