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All You Should Know About Nigerian Born Footballer Wilson Oruma Who Is Now Wasting Away (Photos)

Wilson Oruma is the only player whom in the history of Nigeria football had dragged the number 10 with legendary footballer Jay-Jay Okocha but its very unfortunate that life took him through its ugly faces and now the Delta born midfielder is only a shadow of who the real Wilson Oruma was.

The only thing left for Oruma who played most of his career in France, after arriving at RC Lens from Bendel Insurance in 1994 is the house he bought back then in the heart of Victoria Garden
City, Lagos as rumour has it that he was duped N1.2 billion by a fraudulent pastor with the help of his girlfriend and ever since then the ex-midfielder has never been the same again.

The above photo on the left side is the recent Wilson Oruma who is suffering from mental disorder after loosing all his money to fraudsters and luckily, some celebrities has been touched to remember the ex-footballer who is living from hand to mouth in his VGC, home all alone.

 I was a child when I was hearing the name “Wilson Oruma” in my far away village and as grace would’ve it I met him one on one, I saw him eye to eyes (in JAY Z’s) and here is what I want to let the world know about him.
Wilson Oruma is a strong Man if you ask me and is factual even to his present state he’s still living as each day comes, he wanders  in VGC and one time I talked about him, all to NO AVAIL because ‘who is me’ that’s understandable. 
I was able to gist with him months ago in NICON HOTELS, VGC were he occasionally come to chill and watch gospel channels NOT SPORTS.
People are of the opinion that he is mentally insane but I can tell you that is not 100% true, he can hold a conversation sometimes even make jokes but just like a human with flesh and blood who has passed thru so much and still passing through alot, he’s mood shifts and with GOOD help financial and otherwise, Wilson Oruma can be very OKAY and that is what’s not coming from his former teammates like Jay-Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo among others even the Nigeria Football Federation aren’t helping him as expected.
What pains most is how security guards and crazy people who don’t know how well he has done for the country in the area of Sports talk to him like a nobody.
We should all know that Wilson Oruma IS NOT MENTALLY INSANE as speculated by the most people, that’s what I want people to know. 
Is only natural for him to be the way he is, keeping to oneself makes nobody insane and that’s what going on with him due to shock of what happened to him, can you believe what life can mean for anyone who’s been betrayed and duped by close associates? I believe everyone can imagine that and it can happen to anyone of us.
Life took him through unbelievable reality and for him to survive till date, HE IS Really! STRONG. Most people who got heart attack and die didn’t see ONE THIRD OF WHAT WILSON ORUMA HAVE SEEN. 
Some persons has even committed suicide because of few thousands they lost talk-less of loosing  N1.2 Billion which is all one own.
 And let me shock you more, He NEVER ASK NOBODY FOR MONEY OR EVEN TAKE ANYTHING FROM ANYONE even if you want to give him.
 He is deeply hurt, depress and very heartbroken, I believe with meaningful help from his colleagues in sports and goodhearted Nigerians Wilson Oruma can be fix back on a good state.


See Photos of Oruma below when the going was good:

Yea! he was a ‘dude of the moment’ just like every other dude out there.

History reminds me of one my Best Quotes by me: “Why go that High if I can go Down this Low!”

                                                    –Timeless Da Empress

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