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War! As CNN Late Sports Reporter Craig Sager Sr. Second Wife Allegedly Boycott His Children Out Of Will

Craig Sager with Dwayne Wade

CNN and its sister stations, TBS and TNT sports reporter, Craig Graham Sager Sr. who was covering an array of sports from 1981 till 2016 when he passed on after suffering from a type of cancer that affects the bone and blood with too many immature white blood cells called Acute myeloid leukemia is the news for the very wrong reasons as his family at longer heads.

Sadly, Craig G. Sager died leaving his son Craig Sager II and his daughter Kacy Sager completely out of his will after his son went through alot with needles with doctors, trying to save him or atleast
prolong his life if he can’t survive cancer.

In one of Craig Sager Jr’s tweet he wrote:

“Craig Sager wrote his son out of his will the day after he spent 9 days in Houston trying to save his life a 2nd time. Craig Sager’s son & his 2 sisters that were also written out never contested it, but have been taken to court so they can never contest it.
Make sense now? Good”

Follow by yesterday’s tweet:

“I’m not taking anyone to court. I have always loved my dad & I will always work hard to make him proud. He said he wanted to live to see what I contribute to society bc I follow my heart. Right now, it’s time to be a good brother. I spent more than enough time being a good son”. https://twitter.com/icebergak/status/951193951524020226

9:58 PM – Jan 10, 2018

Though the late sport newsman’s wife and Craig Jr and Kacy Sager stepmom till his death Stacy Sager is yet to say a thing about the will, that has not change anything for the deceased first son and daughter from other woman as

The Sager siblings’ accounts were backed up by Craig Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, Brenna Simon, who called Stacy a “soulless home wrecker” said she was “relieved” their side of the story was finally surfacing.

Kacy acknowledged she was adding “fuel to the fire” with her scathing post, but added she feels obligated to defend her brother, who received backlash for the Twitter revelation about the will.

Kacy stood up for Craig Jr. in a similar way last month after former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry suggested he got his job as an NBA reporter for TNT because of his father’s iconic career in the same role.

Craig Sager Sr., who was best known for the colorful suits he wore along NBA sidelines in his 35 years on the job, passed away at the age of 65.

Kacy Sager offered shocking insight into life with her father’s second wife, Stacy, after brother Craig Jr. revealed Tuesday on Twitter he, Kacy, and sister Krista had been left out of the will. The message suddenly opened the floodgates on the siblings’ feelings of exclusion and disrespect with Stacy, particularly after Craig Sr. lost his battle with leukemia in 2016.

“Even when our father was still alive, there were always those ‘damnit, this is gonna get really ugly’ thoughts hanging over our heads,” Kacy Sager wrote in her statement posted to Twitter. “Thoughts that certainly weren’t quashed when, just minutes after we saw our dad take his final breath, his friend Hondo’s wife came upstairs to yell at my brother and me because it made Stacy uncomfortable to have us unattended in the house.

“We had gone up there to check on our half-siblings, but of course that didn’t matter; we weren’t to be trusted.”

Kacy told story after story of Stacy allegedly doing everything in her power to push them away, while she welcomed the spotlight after Craig Sr.’s death. Kacy, who followed in her father’s sports media footsteps along with her brother, said Stacy blamed Kacy for hurting her father by shutting him out when the couple first got together; accused Craig Jr. of seeking publicity when he donated marrow and stem cells to his dad, twice; and hired security to prevent their mother and Craig Sr.’s first wife, Lisa Gabel, from attending his funeral.
Despite the tension, Kacy reiterated her brother’s assertion that they had no intention of fighting against the will that excluded them.

“We were never going to fight the will,” she wrote. “If he wanted her to have it all, she can have it all. Yeah, it would have been nice to maybe get the golf clubs he taught me to play with, or some of the memorabilia that meant so much to him that I know she’ll just end up selling. But ultimately, those are just things. Keep ’em.

“But she doesn’t get to monopolize the story of his life. She can’t erase the fact that he was already married with children when she came along, a pesky plot detail in their fairytale romance.”

Aside Craig Sager Jr and Kacy Sager, the deceased also fathered two more kids with his wife Stacy Sager called Riley and Ryan Sager.

Craig Sager Sr. holds up his shirt as his wife Stacy takes a picture after starting his transplant

Partly Cull: NY Post

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