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Heavily Pregnant Kylie Jenner Steps Out After Much-Much Contradictions

You Know Kylie Jenner has been on the low key for sometime now and is very safe to say the lip-stick and lip-gloss venture-er is maturing to a big woman faster than everyone thought, including Kris Jenner the Momager of the Kadashian-Jenner clan.

At 20 years of age she made up her mind to be a mom, that spirit is rare to come by with girls like
her, that she deserve a well done handshake.
With recent news of her older sister and role model Kim Kardashian West welcoming another  member of the West family via an unknown surrogate that kept little Miss Jenner on the spotlight as the suspected surrogate but now we know that the surrogate wasn’t Kylie cause she was caught out yesterday in California when the above photo of Heavy Kylie was taken and Yes! she’s still expecting making the “she’s in labour” breakout all fallacy.

Jenner who has prove have a mind of her own has decided to be a babymama over being a wife to his rapper boyfriend Travis Scout since they’re not legally married.

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