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From These Angle See Nigeria Ethnics palava!

Take a minute to reflect on this topic about Nigeria Ethnics palava! where Nigerians all complains of something about one ethnic group because they’re are not indigenous group of the other ethnic group.

Have you for a minute envisage about how it would have been for our dear country Nigeria and other
Nigerians if Igbo for example were the one holding power in the country? I say for example.

What about Yoruba being the place of Hausa today, what would’ve been the reality of the country for other minority groups and Nigerians at large?.

The truth is, we are all humans who can’t be impartial and tribalism is an in-born thing with the human race.
If we have that power that some certain persons has just like Trump and Buhari, we’ll do worse things, why because we are mere humans imperfectly living.

So for as long as we live,it will be best for us to judge less of what our imperfect humans are doing knowing they are humans too just like us with every good intentions with self priority first just like you and I.

The Hausa (s) may not be perfect with their dealings being the ones with power but let’s note that no other tribe would’ve done any better as humans that they still are.
Let note that as a nation with diverse culture and norms disagreement is a must but with appropriate management of our differences from all irrespective of our ethnic groups. Unity and Peace can be ours as a nation as professes till our overall Owner comes, lets continue to live together as humans with love knowing we are mere humans flesh and blood.

Sometimes decisions benefits you while sometimes is the other way round. Deal with it!

#OneNigeria #Dream #OneNationIsOurs #Nigera #ProudyNigerian

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