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Timeless Diary: Life play on!

Life play on! 

Life keeps playing whether you like it or not
In light and in the dark
In sorrow or in pain
In joy or in tears
There’s always going to be a story

A process that makes history
Cherish the moments that make memories
No matter what, is your story
My story is beautiful
Realizing it is the Joy I carried
With each passing day it even becomes more
Afteral is your story that make you
As well have the force to break you
Either ways is a choice you make
Its never going to be how we envisage it
Is awe inspiring, difficult, good, agony, yet fulfilling with the ups and downs
For life indeed plays on!

I hope you find the piece just like me
Put yourself together honey
Nobody will carry your burden for you
Nobody will know how hurt it aches on you
Don’t border hoping on any human
So you don’t become disappointed and angry
Is only you, you truly have
Forget the lies they tell you
Soon enough you’ll know better
Dreams are called dreams
Cause they are not Reality yet
But you can make every Dream a Reality
With a little More push
Endurance, determination and focus
The world can come to know you
That depends on how you want it
You are 100% in charge of your life
Let them say, remain true to you always
The world can be yours one day
And you will lead the stars
And the moon will not shine without you
Just hold on a little
For life plays on

In our darkest moments
With Faith we’ll overcome and become
When Hope deem off
Faith keeps us going
When laughter annoys us
Faith will Put a smile on our face
Hold on to it
Keep dreaming with Faith
Knowing as life play on
Someday, somehow you and I will be just fine
At the set time that we don’t even know
It hit me so hard
That I became forgetful
With whatever I signed the dotted line
Blind myself with courage
Became no more shame of my options
I conquered fear that almost killed me
How really am I supposed to
Keeping Faith as
Life play on!.

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