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Timeless Health: How To Save You! And Not Become An Addict Of Whatever

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.

It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain they change its structure and how it works. At this point you should consider how these “thing” affects you psychologically etc, you should ask yourself if its good for you or not and be sincere about it, what are the pros and cons considering your well being is paramount.

The truth is, drugs are not the only addictive stuffs on earth, everything we do overtime becomes a habit then addiction, that is why is so vital to monitor what you do each passing day yourself.
If a guy/lady calls you seven days a week for a complete week, you are going to hear your phone beep thinking is him/her calling again only for you to get closer to your phone and find out that it is your subconscious mind working not reality, the brain is that powerful and that is the beginning of  “addiction” crawling in.
Drugs like every other thing but drugs are harmful to the human body and highly addictive but  the good thing about addiction is that we have the power to watch it grow in us and what we do before is too late is our choice, same as our emotions. 
Some people say we can’t control our emotions? that I call a big fallacy, we can if we really want to shut it down or build it on and is simple, just watch it and control it how you want it same thing applies to addictions but it takes your stronger self to fight anything off and humans are weaker than we know.
If I take marijuana, is my duty to watch how often I take it knowing is addictive same as brushing our teeth is addictive. 
You just choose your course in life and be who you want to be. Be an addict or a freeman who does not want anything to have power over him or her.
The minute you can’t stay without anything, whether drugs or even eat without a sipping coca-cola coke or fanta, sorry you are an addict.
In other words, you’re being enslaved by that thing, so here is what I do since we all have things we like so much, I take control of whatever I take. If I take marijuana today am not taking it tomorrow or previous days to avoid being addictive is safety precautions I call it, that’s if I don’t want to stop taking it completely for one or two reasons best known to me.

Truly, if you do something today and you want to do it tomorrow then keep doing it, oh! more sorry you are a potential drug addict, then you should be more careful with whatever you do, don’t just start doing at the first place, when your folks ask you why, tell them you are a potential addict so you watch and look out for yourself simple.
The journey on “how to save you! and not become an addict of whatever” is not the time not to be truthful to yourself about whatever and if you are closed-in between that wall of OMG!! by whatever addiction and you really need help, on your own you have tried and no desire results has been achieved? then hit me up let’s do it together and just trust the process.
Don’t forget: Stay true to yourself always.
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