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All You Should Know About Buhari Denial As A ‘Religious Bigot’ And Arewa Pastors

President Muhammadu Buhari receive the Arewa Pastors as  part of the Non-Denominational Initiative for Peace in Nigeria led by Bishop John Abu Richard, stated that religious leaders had the responsibility of creating an enabling environment for peace and development to thrive which is relative if you ask me.

In the president words, he said:

“Some voices, for political or ethnic reasons are making unguarded statements accusing
the government and myself in particular of religious bias. Let me assure you, honourable clergymen that this is far from the truth. In my career as a soldier, administrator, and politician, I have never veered from my oath of office. When I had the honour to lead a Military Government there were more Christians than Muslims in the Federal Executive Council and the Supreme Military Council. This was not by design but I appointed people on their merit without the slightest bias. The present Federal Executive Council is also evenly balanced; again not by design but by respecting and rewarding individual qualities.”

 But really should we as citizens of Nigeria forget so soon about all sentimental words that made headlines ever since PMB resume office as well as the killings that got no attention from the president and pretend to be enjoying this administration when we practically know better? its very ungodly for the so called men of god to joyfully jump at the opportunity of meeting the President without a second thought and even address serious issues facing the country which will not go away if we repeat same mistake than just smiling and shaking hands. (oh we should know these religious leaders are only about their pockets and no other persons interest)

What happen to their reasoning faculty to be able to know that their invitation is a mere political strategy knowing the 2019 presidential election is fast approaching and these is the only reason why our dear country will not become better and is pathetic and crazy. Oh yes is very safe to say they are politicians in religious robe, what’s your take?.

Kindly drop your comment below cause I think these Clergymen should do better than these if they care about the betterment of Nigeria as a country whom citizens are craving for peace, equity and justice.

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