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My 2018 Dreams And Hustle !

My 2018 Dreams And Hustle !

Writing is one craft that people don’t appreciate, only if they know what work it is, next time you pick or see a book, know someone spent their Time, sleepless nights & Energy to put that out, appreciate it.

Sharing Knowledge is a choice, remember some people keep shut so NOBODY knows what they know.
Books don’t write themselves, it is somebody that write any piece of writeup you stare at. Writing is
the most difficult part not publishing a book.

Hope when my books finally hit the store, please pity my effort and see them, thank you in advance.
In these journey of mine, I now appreciate sleep more than water, God know if we humans don’t sleep, we will DIE. 

Is not even the food that keeps us going but sleep and resting of our heads plays 60% of our living.
If you notice my blog has been suffering a little because of my eagerness to get my three books out of my bunch of books in my archive to be publish these year by Jah’s grace and is crazy but if I don’t do it now, when will I ? am 30 so you can help me count.

I’ve grown to be these private woman I am, I don’t show my private life on social media neither my moves cause I believe in the end but I just thought of sharing this journey of mine with you reading this to let you know the hustle is not beans so when tomorrow comes, you can tell who ever on my behalf that it was a journey of Hardrock, tears, pain and with no penny so I have to hustle for money to pay bills, fund my continous education then hustle on my dreams as well.

With money everything happens faster and that explains the delay but I believe in the RIGHT TIME too.
My books will make you a Reader once again and I hope my effort will not go unnotice.Stay tune

The above five hashtag are books are desire to publish these year but if I can’t get all of them out due to circumstances beyond my control, then three out of them five should be possible but five of them I really desire to finish writing before the end of the year, some are almost 2 years and still uncompleted which most times saddens me because I have to jungle between many things on a daily basis to make ends meet.

While music is still something I have not given up on, that is delaying as well because of lack of funds nor my acting dreams, so you can imagine.
I have these bunch of dreams am chasing and the year 2018 is a year of “work-harder” for me and nothing less.
Kindly stay with me on these journey of on “Becoming Yours Truly“.

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