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A Must Read: Like Seriously Should I Surround Myself With People Who Kill My Dreams??

Like seriously,

Somebody been asking me why I’m cutting off and am like “seriously, you asking?” cause I don’t
know why people think we all are as stupid like them.

You can only fool you not everybody just know that so next time you playing smart, know the other person is not a dumbass cause this person has been in these same world and has become who he or she is today and is not magic!! these person gat functioning brains on a very different frequency and that’s why you couldn’t understand cause its way too off your league.

What is keeping me moving forward peacefully in life and happy is me being around people who motivate me to do whatever I believe in.

Like what the hell!!! You talk me down, you don’t believe in my dreams neither do you support and still you will not just wish me well rather YOU want to kill it by making me feel I can’t do it and you still want my friendship??? Jesus! that is so evil but never mind am so set in my ways and NOTHING, NOBODY can change nothing.

Be good and just sit, watch the space of whoever is doing whatever not you want to be the devil to the person and you really want friendship???? I Naugh! o! in Isoko.

Is so pathetic but factual that people we live around as friends and love ones are sometimes dreams killers that want you not to be good talk more of being better than them but hey! you are not God who created and blessed the person that is the saddest thing for haters, they can’t change nothing and is a loss! deal with it and one of these persons I wonder why I manage to come that close to when their true nature unfolds is an ex-boyfriend who I love so much but he just love to talk everything about me down and avoid any means of supporting my dreams even when the support is  nothing to him and that was someone I could kill for unconditionally cuz i love like that all the time then a producer who I thought we could bring out great music together and do things but no, he wanted to get ideas from me and ship to some his artists, even give out beat he made from my song, nothing I do he encourages, my blogging, according to him “you blog too serious” because I don’t write fake news and pull up senseless post and hey! that is because this blog you see now is more than what you think of it to me and is a lifetime occupation so why will i want to mess up my life when I so know where am going and my visions which you know nothing about?. Crazy world.

Next time be an encourager in words and in action if not just watch and never try to talk anything that anybody does down because you are not the Almighty God who is mysterious in His holy way.


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