I Was Emotionally Hurt, I Have Apologies To The Father Of Nigeria Comedy Alibaba – Timelessaproko

Responding to the writeup on the Nation blog articles about me and the little misunderstanding that broke out on Instagram after attending the Alibaba Spontaneity audition last year December, 2017.
What should be noted is that as a young girl with aspirations and disappointment I was emotionally hurt when one of the judges out the two judges couldn’t give me a pass to land me on the second round, which I felt I merited cause the two jokes of mine where spontaneous to me but now that they said the show organizer “selects” those to push on the platform is even not hurting anymore. Now I understand and know better than yesterday.
The nation online post just got to me through someone who caught sight of it on the internet among the eulogy the writer put about the father of Nigeria comedy, Alibaba who of cause is a father figure to awhole lot of us in the industry whether we know him personally or not and that will stay same for all frontiers of whatever path they believed in and consciously strive to make it a hallmark that has in turn make them mentors to the younger generation on that path.
Part of The Nation’s blog post reads:

 “Hell came down when a contestant on the show who goes by the name Timelessaproko faulted the judges for writing her off as not being spontaneous. 

After leaving the show, she took to the social media to complain about how ‘padi-padi’
syndrome was killing every facet of Nigeria. She challenged Ali Baba to release the video of all the contestants so that the public would have the opportunity to judge. 

The ace comedian’s first response was to make her understand that it was his show and had the right to decide what standards to use. 

He followed up by releasing the video of her performance on the show. I watched the video, which Ali Baba released in three parts because Instagram could not take all at once. Like Ali Baba, there was nothing funny or spontaneous in her performance, except speaking Pidgin English is now considered funny and spontaneous.

Enough of the fight! Ali Baba is much more. Ali Baba – who owns the Oniru Estate-based multi-purpose centre called Xqzmoir – stuns with almost all his Instagram posts. He has a brilliant knack for playing on words in ways that only an intelligent mind can. Do not mind the fact that this guy who is impatient with lazy minds ends almost all his posts with ‘what do I know?’.”

First of all, I want to use this medium to clarify the matter a little further. Alibaba is a father figure to me and because of his overwhelming personality that everyone falls in love with which was the only reason I went to that audition cuz am not in the habits of gracing every audition announced in line with my comedy and acting passion knowing the kind of country we are because I’ve been on that tray way longer. Knowing nothing good comes quick or easy I ain’t giving up but I’m really cautious and about the Spontaneity Show, things went that way cause that’s how it should be.

 I am a die hard fan of Alibaba and people see striking resemblance in us.

Haven said that let’s not forget that we are all humans who make mistakes, mistakes upon mistakes at some point in life everyday and ruling someone off because of a misunderstanding between a mentor, a brother, a sister or whoever is ungodly and inhuman my opinion.

We are all entitled to our emotions and I owed mine, even oneself will not be able to know how one will react when faced with circumstances in life knowing we are all wired differently and like seriously words like “so you think you’ll just come here and show us you are Timeless” can’t go down well with anyone that have heard me out. People forget to realize the fact that I was the one who heard all the word for word.

Anyway I’ve apologies to Baba Ali and am truly sorry, for the misunderstanding so whatever happen between me and Alibaba, Omobaba, Laf up and Instagram is now on a bye gone and am happy with where I am right now. Is bye gone indeed as I now look forward into the future.

I want to channel my every energy into my works and craft, not in any fight of any kind with anyone, to everyone and anyone I’ve offend in whatsoever way, please I am sorry.

If I offend you, kindly forgive me as the father in heavens do to us all.

Thank you so much!.
From, yours truly.

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