Juliet Ibrahim And Rapper Boyfriend Are Allegedly "Two Unfaithful lovers"

Nigeria-Ghana love birds that fans were all hoping to see a lasting end despite both having a child each in previous relationships seems to have call it quit, is very safe to assume that they’ve outgrown the once upon a time sapphire love.

The Ghanaian born script interpreter deleted all photos of her lover, Nigerian born rapper,
Icebergslim off her IG page where they normally flaunts their affection in the public, according to her, that aspect of her life suddenly should be private (hahaha we smell a rat anyway since there can’t be smoke without fire).

We know what we all do when love go sour! which is the case of Juliet Ibrahim and her man.

what more is, Juliet Ibrahim whom has come to be more comfortable in Nigeria might be moving back to her home country but what happens to the tattoo they both tat on? Iceberg is with the LO while Juliet is with the VE. (hmmm, things Love makes us do is maddington) LOVE can be crazily sweet and bitter as well and the heart to bear both sides of it makes it what it is right? enjoy the thrill of sweet and pain lol.

It will be recall that the two entertains once appear to be so much in love before now and breaking up rumour is nothing new for them, while some people are of the opinion that they are “two unfaithful lovers which is the problem in their relationship.

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