Betty Irabor: Happy Birthday To The Woman Who Is Forever Betty !

Arians are the best people I know ! And is our season of light.
Today is Betty Irabor reping with her kind words as always, “don’t die at thirty”, Life  is forever depending on how you live it confirm in Betty Irabor the forever bright “little girl who loves her pink” when I was thinking I’m the only Arian who loves Pink.
Too many similarities I tell you, she’s everything I am. Great writer who everyone in London enjoys her column as a columnist, an extraordinaire .

Arians are great people and you can confirm that by searching the Arians on my beautiful blog here and I was telling someone  that Arians are not just amazing writers, instructors, entertainers, behind the scene, care givers and lovers, superiors but they are forever like diamond in everything they do because they leave a lasting footprint 👣. We do something meaningful because that’s who we are and we play as hard as we get serious very balance people I must say with good view about anything in the world no matter what comes down on us. #webiildforit like we made for this, Lol don’t forget is comedy, is Reality, is news. #irepmarch26 #amarian #boldlyarian 

Happy birthday Mama! #welovebettyirabor #amazingbeing 

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