MajeK FasheK: Who Is The Rain ?

The media is powerful than anything in creation for information the only reason GOD use the department so well cause that’s what it is for!

Some kill, tarnish others with it but now there is a way out, here we are to make it right at least play our part which has to do with who you are so let’s get it on !.
MajeK FasheK released his 1988 album Prisoner of Conscience, which included the multiple award-winning single “Send Down the Rain”Also known as The Rainmaker same year I was born and I grew up hearing his songs till I began listening to music deeply and I want you to know that musicians are infomats, information carriers. God uses them to communicate whether bad or good and the older I get the more it was getting vivid to me..   I AM THE RAIN !

#TheOnlyMajeKFasheKIKnow like is deep, spiritual, vivid, informative, transpire,and for spa-ire as we know about the fire. Lol yea!

Is comedy, is Reality, is News.

Something bright and beautiful I call the MajeK FasheK 1988 “Prisoner Of Conscious”.

Oh say hey!! Guys the men lived!

Happy Birthday, Happy Born Day, Happy Rainmaker Day! to my humble self.


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