RAW ENERGY HOUSE: Being An Alpha Woman Myself

                                                Being An Alpha Woman!

In the spirit if me adding another year today March twenty six I’ll love to share a little more of my personality because is My Birthday!!.

So here is the human deal! we all carry something we inside of us that we can’t really explain due to everything surrounding our birth from our parents to our ancestors and all, then to the forces that is keeping the earth together whether you believe it or not influences our individuality to a hundred percent degree since there are ways the creator set every season and Time in place for the beauty of balance living which makes us all living things, wonderfully made.

So I was born on a Saturday still haven’t found out if it was a night or day put I’m putting a call thru right now to ask Mama what time I came in here and how I came in, lol.

 It was March 26 1988 and this black girl like a worm was squeezing out Zero thought of what’s going on and here I am after thirty years of living life.  People born at the season I was born are Arians (Aries) which are the Alpha people because they start the orbit of whatsoever known as the Horoscope or Zodiac sign because of what happens i the eclipse with that time which is believe to have an impact on anyonborn.

somehow we Aries sign carriers have so much strength in us that the world has come to understand making them leaders in nature with a strong drive of everything and that’s who I am an Alpha person and  Alpha Woman!.

Alpha simply means First and I’ve began to understand my destiny that has kept winging in that direction since forever that some evil people want to thwart a good thing but they can’t!!! they can only try but The Most High God is Living so am Alpha forever! thanks to the Creator who never abandon us. 
So here are some personality I carry that those who really know me can testify and I appreciate this natural magic God did in order for me to see life through successfully.

First of all as an Alpha Woman I embraced my leadership ambitions, as the world knows ALPHA women are talented, highly motivated, and self-confident in totality though not everybody welcomes an Alpha woman as may associate of them feel threaten either y their level of confidence or something about them that i come across growing up till these day but this is who we are, we did’t ask for nothing!.

Aries are natural highly motivated people who love to care and love people irrespective of who they are but most times they are treated otherwise because they’re highly emotional beings but they sure pull it all together with their great energy (call them raw energy house, they got it) as always and move on cause they are strong people whether man or woman. 
Just like every Female alphas, I embrace my confidence irrespective of my appearance or position, am a natural confident person which with time I’ve developed more with more knowledge physically, mentally and spiritual education so that’s she in totality.

                                               According to study, an alpha female tends to:

Believe her ability to achieve is limitlessSelf-identify as a alpha femaleHave a confidence that is contagious, which leads others to respect her as an equalShowcase leadership characteristicsBe recognized by others as being impactfulHave extremely high ambitions

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