Melvin Oduah Found Troubled In A Lagos Bar

Melvin Ekenechukwu Oduah simply known as “Melvin” is the only Nigerian guy celebrity who never gave up on trials, that we must commend him for his continuous effort On stardom since he first made his debut on the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) and didn’t win the grand prize he strats on the Big Brother Reality Show in 2013 still didn’t win that,  he went on to the Mr. Nigeria competition with high hopes that were only dash into the wind and now “Melvin” is a progressive  entertainer with the movies as well a model and an event host with no wins from any competition he had ever graced, which can be troubling emotionally sometime, minding the fact that he is human as well. 

 So last night March 27, 2019 the handsome Delta state born  was seen on the island with two of his friends in a lounge enjoying the cold evening breeze when “Melvin” seems  troubled about
something he was talking about to his two friends who were consoling him. He seem real trouble that it was all over him and drew Aproko’s attention. 
Judging by the look on his face, his troubled heart could be weighed down with career goals or emotional issue but all I gat to say is put it together bro!! You are a fine dude and you are a star!!

And you know, the good eyes dude confirm his new announcement of “No Alcohol” on their table as they were only served a pack of strawberry juice alongside the favorite Red Bull energy drink and am wondering who mix that ?? Lol, Melvin and his friends did!.

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