“Leggedly Benz” Take Over On Ajah Expressway After Truck Accident



Lagosians around the fast developing area on the island known by some as the New Lekki, Greater Lekki, Ajah Extension etc, Lol  exercise their legs and body voluntarily last night with grateful hearts.

An unknown Truck was the cause of the NO movement where everyone represents their origins, the ibo, Yoruba, Benue, etc men and women embrace their origin while the Esans rememberers who they are once again as Energy house lol it was not funny but it is now as the Truck ball that keeps it moving reportedly pulled off while on motion. 

The accident happened at the popular Majek, GRA bus stop which obstruct movement of cars, Keke, etc that gave those with their “Leggedly Benz” leveraged over those with cars as cars turn big burden to their owners who had no choice than to wait patiently not minding the night
falling on them and I was like this is just it!.

At the shout of  ‘Back turn!’ everything that is important or meaningful is the opposite!.  Useless like trash and burden like load so why should I kill my self for anything and I mean anything  in this world?. 

 That was all that was playing me on my head cause naturally I’m this kind of person who sees the moral lesson in  everything and the great teacher Life never stops! So back to the story.

Majek, GRA down to Sangotedo was on a stand still till God knows when because I used my “Leggedly Benz” and when I got home Jeez! My legs are just recovering now, is better experienced indeed.

I  was supposed to make tea this morning to carry along to see if some people I mean vehicles owners slept there but I remember this is Lasgidi it’s OSHA Pra Pra here, they  might get home very late but definitely not sleeping on the expressway for any reason.

Kudos to those guys that were on ground to kickoff the Truck and kept on directing cars, their sweat made me remember is Easter and Christ sweated blood and Died for me, you and everyone.
Happy Easter World!!! 

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